Month: January 2016

asking a grieving person to feel better, just so you feel better for having comforted them, is less than appreciated. You are actively interrupting a process that happens organically in the soul. I cannot feel better, nor can I pretend I’m not changed from grief, for the sake of your comfort or ego. I can […]

A woman stands in a doorway watching sheets of rain fall from a poorly guttered roof. It’s the sort of rain that can be called a downpour; relentless in its assault on the city. She’s so used to the rain. Used to the way it soaks into the ground until the earth is saturated and […]

I am not being nice. I know I’m not being nice and I should probably find a way to be nice, but a good friend told me, “don’t be nice, be good”. I don’t think they meant “be mean”. I’m fairly certain they meant that nice anyone can do. It’s not an ethical dilemma to […]

Craven’s Antique and Book Emporium had been, before it was a repository for the old and eclectic, a hotel. ┬áNot an entire hotel, a restaurant and lobby and several smallish rooms along a balcony overlooking the main lobby that were really only fit for single travelers who didn’t mind the smallish beds, the lack of […]

only not this month. I’m struggling to share words that are meaningful. Even speaking them is hard. I have too much sadness. It’s overshadowing everything.

There is a common misconception that Extroverted individuals are never shy, want to be around all the people all the time, or are, in general, happy go lucky individuals that experience little to no social anxiety. It’s a fallacy I am going to dismantle for you right here and now. I have stated before I […]