Month: October 2015

These last few days have exhausted me. No real reason other than too much to do, too little time. So I’m hunkering mentally until Sunday. Keeping my words in until then.

I will never tell her she needs to change.  Or brush her hair to be pretty.  Or that people won’t like her if she looks, acts or dresses a certain way.  I will not do these things.  And if I do, in a moment of frustration, make her feel like she should be different or […]

Can a thing sleep? A house? A door? Is a closed door sleeping? I think I closed a door. I pushed and pushed and it finally slammed shut. I want to pry it open. Dig my fingers in and pull until it swings wide and let’s me through. But it’s not my house. Not my […]

i spent a lot of years surrounding myself with people like me. Or who were enough like me that nothing was ever challenged. Don’t do that. It’s dumb. It makes you dumb. It makes you complacent and judgey. I picked my partner based on how different we were. Why’d I think it was okay to […]

Maybe the door had always been open and he just hasn’t been paying attention. She’d offered to make breakfast, so she’d probably comeBrown earlier and gotten started and then realized they were out of something snd had gone out to get it. He shot her a text and let her know to grab orange juice […]