Why Don’t We Ask

I plan to come back to a few things this coming week, including two tournaments, a family vacation and some realizations I’ve had about where I want my future to go. Right now, I know if I don’t get this post down, I never will. It’s fear that holds me back from this discussion, but […]

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Amarillo By Morning

I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free Amarillo by mornin’ Amarillo’s where I’ll be -George Strait Pulled in at 1 am and fell into the beds at the Best Western. I40 music lulled me to sleep. There’s a little girl eating a waffle too […]

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Trip Prep and a Birthday

Today I turned 40. I thought I’d hate it. Isn’t 40 supposed to be big and scary? It wasn’t. It was beautiful and fun and filled with laughter and family. My husband and daughter surprised me with a Ukulele and some wonderful books and travel gifts and I spent my work day with children who […]

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Pre-Season Warmup

Here we are. Another tournament season (6 on the calendar right now) is upon us and the sun is shining (peeks outside, nope, that’s a lie) and I’m gearing up for travel season. Looking back at my post season wrap up, I feel pretty good about how I stayed focused on some of my goals. […]

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Post Season Wrap Up

I hate to admit that this is my post season wrap up because it means I’m admitting I won’t commit to anymore derby for the next several weeks. I usually pick up the odd game, a traditional (and favorite) tournament and this or that event throughout November and December, but I told myself that I’d […]

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Stop with the endless

cycle of tournament apps coming out during off season! I get it, we need to plan. But ugh, I hate looking at plane tickets while I am still recovering from a long season and just want to unwind. And before you jump on me about “Well, don’t travel,” for the millionth time. I have to […]

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Sunday Fic 7/29

Some things you don’t come back from. The door stood open just a smidge. Just a tiny crack letting enough of the muffled voices and light from the other side leak out and entice Sara to inch closer to satiate her curiosity. This was one of those moments. It looked so innocent: some eavesdropping done […]

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