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via Daily Prompt: Vanish And then she was gone. That was always what they said, in the interviews, on the tapes later.  She or he was there, then they weren’t.  A crowded mall.  A parade.  A quiet walk home from school with some friends.  They were all seen until they weren’t.  It was the same […]

I’ve been sort of back and forth trying to decide what I want to do with this blog and the others I started several years ago.  I’ve archived all the other accounts associated with BWBW, and will be focusing solely on this blog until I decide what to do.  I will be continuing to write […]

There is a quiet associated with the early morning in the desert that Is not quite like the quiet anywhere else. It’s anticipatory in nature. There is a smell if dew on dry earth that reminds me of a lover. How quietly he breaks into my thoughts these days. A whisper, just barely there. It […]

thoughts from our heroine. She’s well. Just tired of her obsession. So I wrote her some notes on fireproof paper. She closes her eyes and lets her fingers trace lines on his back, feeling an imaginary ocean beneath the waves of his breathing. She could drown there. “Careful,” she whispered. Too late. He’s made a […]

The town of Milliner’s Ferry had neither a hat shop, nor a ferry. In fact, the closest river was sixteen miles south, down a winding highway, in the valley that carved its way between Milliner’s and the next closest city. There was decent grazing land in the valley and some small farms and a tiny […]

Several things happened simultaneously.  The little man shed his coat with a quickness and finesse out of place on his short, sturdy form, the book “leapt” if it’s possible for a book to leap, from the case and begin flying around the room like a trapped bird, hissing at Kitty, and Mr. Boppyface jumped up […]

A woman stands in a doorway watching sheets of rain fall from a poorly guttered roof. It’s the sort of rain that can be called a downpour; relentless in its assault on the city. She’s so used to the rain. Used to the way it soaks into the ground until the earth is saturated and […]