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Some things you don’t come back from. The door stood open just a smidge. Just a tiny crack letting enough of the muffled voices and light from the other side leak out and entice Sara to inch closer to satiate her curiosity. This was one of those moments. It looked so innocent: some eavesdropping done […]

Took a one day trip to Durango two weeks ago, helped train new skaters at Skate School for the local league the next Sunday and now I’m headed to Abq for another game tonight. I forgot how much derby I can do when I’m not drowning in my own fluids. Oh, and I do NOT […]

As promised, a less meaty post…sort of. Let’s rewind to May, the start of tournament season for this ref in 2018. Actually, a little further back than that. I applied to four tournaments this season and was accepted into five. NO CLUE how that happened. Unfortunately one aligned with a huge family reunion and I […]

via Daily Prompt: Vanish And then she was gone. That was always what they said, in the interviews, on the tapes later.  She or he was there, then they weren’t.  A crowded mall.  A parade.  A quiet walk home from school with some friends.  They were all seen until they weren’t.  It was the same […]

I’ve been sort of back and forth trying to decide what I want to do with this blog and the others I started several years ago.  I’ve archived all the other accounts associated with BWBW, and will be focusing solely on this blog until I decide what to do.  I will be continuing to write […]

There is a quiet associated with the early morning in the desert that Is not quite like the quiet anywhere else. It’s anticipatory in nature. There is a smell if dew on dry earth that reminds me of a lover. How quietly he breaks into my thoughts these days. A whisper, just barely there. It […]

thoughts from our heroine. She’s well. Just tired of her obsession. So I wrote her some notes on fireproof paper. She closes her eyes and lets her fingers trace lines on his back, feeling an imaginary ocean beneath the waves of his breathing. She could drown there. “Careful,” she whispered. Too late. He’s made a […]