Month: April 2016

Last heavy post and then I gotta switch it up for a bit. There’s an article circling in the officating community. Written by, I assume, a skater. The claim is made that reffing and being a skater go hand in hand and doing one makes you better at the other. I don’t disagree. Not completey. […]

Why? I am getting that a lot. Why Reffing? Why don’t you want to skate anymore? Won’t you miss the competition? Won’t you miss the hard work and being a part of derby?  What? Are you serious? I am not even going to go much into the ridiculousness of those questions. I will say, if […]

Less than stellar feeling. Picked up a nasty bug that’s got my chest in a vice.   On the bright side, I did the thing again. Reffing is hard. Like never was skating this hard. First off, I’ve let my endurance slide. Don’t do that. You don’t get to sit on the bench every other […]

More reffing happened. Still loving it. More than I thought. Some really tough decisions were made. I’ve given up coaching and any team opportunities this year. I have a priority. It’s officiating. Doing all the things doesn’t help me learn or grow. I can only be so neutral with one toe in the skater pool […]

She was talking about the shipments, not paying attention to him. When his hand touched hers, and he pulled her in, she forgot what she’d been saying. His lips touched hers and she crashed; undone by the soft, unspoken promise on them. It was a brief reminder that the spark was still alive and he […]

The door was open and there was a lightness to the room that felt off. Not s brightness. Not light streaming in through the open door. A lack of weight. A missing substance. Something was not where it was supposed to be. And the door was open.

reffed and didn’t die. Did it again at a practice. Didn’t die. There is a theme here, pretty sure. I am also realizing that I learn a certain way and that not everyone teaches that way. It means I need to maybe learn some new ways to learn. That’s okay too, doubt it’ll kill me. […]