Month: February 2016

Brought the bus down for the grand opening of one of my new favorite spots. It’s a bright star in our tiny corner               

Winter might be over. I don’t trust it. We will probably get lulled into this security. And plant things. And plan things. And go places. Then it will ice and snow and sleet all over us. I don’t mind, not really. We need a little more winter. More water and snow makes water. I also […]

Sure enough, I got away from writing every day and the habit was easily broken.  I should really resolve to get back to it for the rest of February.  I sometimes don’t think I have anything to say, but that hasn’t ever been teh point of this blog.  This is more like the dynamic stretch […]

The town of Milliner’s Ferry had neither a hat shop, nor a ferry. In fact, the closest river was sixteen miles south, down a winding highway, in the valley that carved its way between Milliner’s and the next closest city. There was decent grazing land in the valley and some small farms and a tiny […]

I have trouble expressing myself with anything less than intensity. It’s off putting, sometimes to the extreme. I have nothing more to add to that. I do not make friends easily. I can give you kindness and be “friendly” but if you take that as an open door into my confidence, im likely to panic […]