Month: November 2015

Ive lately found myself extremely interested in guns. I’m not going to spend anytime discussing why, how, why. It’s a thing. I enjoy learning new (and imo, practical) skills. It’s got potential to be A Thing for me. I haven’t been this wide-eyed and excited about A Thing since derby. So it is what it […]

tomorrow. I’ll post more tomorrow. Ps, the door now has a book it’s working with. Everyone dies, even librarians.

She accepted her fate. A lamb led to the slaughter. Sacrifice on the altar of his need. Open to the satisfaction brought with knowing he feasted on her desire like a newborn at the tit. It was a mutual destruction. A fire that would consume them. A perfect death. Sometimes I get silly and make […]

Alright. I’ve sat on this post for two days.  I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. And I don’t believe there’s just this one day to do it. This is a weird holiday anyway; hey! Some people didn’t die of starvation because some other people helped them out and then that first group of […]

Sometimes we are humbled in the grocery self-checkout line by a chance encounter and a pesky security tag.

I’m not sure I even want to post this. It feels hurtful. So I won’t. I feel bad for anyone who has come into my life this year. I’m chaos. I used to care a lot about things and now i struggle to decide what’s important and what’s not. I can’t seem to find the […]

Food really does bring all the people together. Yesterday was no exception. Making a meal with and for friends who are more family than not was an undeniably satisfying experience. Now excuse me while I spend the next four days digesting and prepping for round two.    There’s a turkey in that bucket  Praise Turkey […]