Month: December 2015

I don’t do well when I sleep in. But I can’t sleep well lately and it’s messing up my routine.  Maybe I need to think less. Love less. Be less keen to be a part of something bigger and instead just be content to be part of the little things that make life worth it.  […]

What makes a good deed? I think it is intent. It doesn’t matter how small the thing is or how insignificant it seems to the doer, if they are taking time out of their day to do something for a friend or a stranger, regardless of who is watching or who might know about it, […]

A secret will do one of two things to its keeper; it will either destroy them in the process of keeping it, or it will become something new; no longer a secret but a lie turned into a truth. She knew that if she kept this secret, it would destroy her. So she did what […]

“Are we doing this?” “I don’t know, are we?” She grabbed his coat and pulled him towards her, fitting herself against him as he lowered his mouth onto hers. It was the answer to the question and they began to move towards the bedroom. Clothes shed in piles on the staircase, in the hallway. She […]

it snowed. Well, it’s snowing. I like snow, but not how complicated it makes everything. Boots, coat, hat, gloves, warm up the car, shovel the walk. It’s a pain in the ass.  I went for a hike in the snow today. Not far. Just a bit. It reminded me of a lot of good things […]