Month: October 2011

Then Its time to do this! I discovered that writing daily isn’t that difficult, however, I don’t enjoy it as much as I thought when I’m not writing about the things that are on my mind to seriously write about. When I don’t block out the time to sit down and write so I can […]

October 25th and as of now I have missed three of thirty one days of blogging. November and NaNoWriMo are looming and I’ve scrapped two of my two novel ideas and moved onto a third which has Moo in the title and that dismays me. I broke down and ate Taco Bell yesterday which seemed […]

Bummer! Two days of missed posts! Well, I guess perfect takes practice. It’s late, I’ve been at a sugary sweet birthday party and a roller derby double header and I’m wiped. What a combo! I’m getting tired of October. I get myself into these months where I realize I’ve said “Yes” too many times and […]

Eleven more days of these Post a Days before NaNoWriMo starts. ┬áMy posts will then be cut back to weekly, I’ll update here when I post in one of my other blogs, but I’ll be writing in another program for NaNo and posting tidbits when I feel like I need feedback. Now I’m going to […]