I am a woman of words.  Words make worlds out of nothing.  From the time I was young I have been fascinated with the way a word turns into a sentence turns into a page turns into a story.  Stories are the magic carpets and words the fibers woven intricately into patterns that create life, death, mystery, romance, hilarity and adventure with every swoop and barrel roll.

Sometimes words are used simply to describe a feeling.  Sometimes they can bring a new being to life.  Words are what separate us from all the other fantastic creatures on this island earth and we are blessed with the ability to transform language into living breathing multiverses filled with creations as limitless as our imagination.

I will write about life.  I will write new life.  I will write because not to write would be like holding my breath, or denying myself the sun.  I will write because I am woman of words.

Edited 1/4/16 to add: I started this blog years ago and it’s tried to be several different things.  Today, as it is, it is a place to make my brain do some mental yoga.  I try to write as close to every day as possible, here and elsewhere.  The entries are imperfect (I try not to edit the fiction at all, just blurt it out and leave it, I edit it other places) so forgive spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, if you would. Sometimes the topics are real and life related and other times they are strictly forcible attempts to make what is in my brain go public, because that is my tallest hurdle at the moment.  Above all, this is a space to have fun with words and to occasionally dissect what’s in the brain.  If it’s your thing, great.  And if it’s not your thing, it’s not a bear trap, get out.

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