Month: March 2016

I didn’t do the best job chronicling my derby career. I would post highlights here and there but nothing significantly important or consistent.  This year I am turning a page and beginning to officiate. It was not an easy decision to make. There were multiple factors and I think the choice was the right one. […]

I wrote up a post yesterday but it was mean and pointed fingers. I am genuinely struggling to understand why I do not get along with people lately. It’s not my usual. I think I have to accept that the older I get, the less tolerant of bullshit I’ve become. And there is a lot […]

“you probably think this song is about you” But it isn’t. So get off my emotional lawn and quit taking every thing I say or do personally. 

went down to do some shooting and take my mind off stresses. Had some interesting (to me) results. The targets in the right show the results of 17 rounds at 50 yards sitting. Right handed (as I am). On the left, the same (20 rounds) only shooting with my left. I had similar results standing […]

There is a quiet associated with the early morning in the desert that Is not quite like the quiet anywhere else. It’s anticipatory in nature. There is a smell if dew on dry earth that reminds me of a lover. How quietly he breaks into my thoughts these days. A whisper, just barely there. It […]

To whom it may concern: I have noticed, in recent weeks, an uptick in the number of scarecrows in the neighboring lawn at [redacted]. I would like to address the myriad of issues that surround this recent development as it pertains to the situations that arose, most recently, in our small and humble town. Many […]

There was a simple beauty in her love for him. It did not consume or destroy her. It did not burn. It simply existed. Like air or water or earth. There was a wholeness in his presence. A casual comfort to being with him. That was their love. He wasn’t the perfect or the end. […]