Make sure you have two quarters for popcorn. If possible, bring extras in case a friend does not have two quarters for popcorn.

It was hard to wrap his brain around it. She was still there. Still in his arms. Still breathing deeply and blissfully asleep. He’d expected her to run as soon as they’d finished. They always ran from him. It was one thing to fuck him, it was another to stick around and admit that he was more than just a quick fix. They’d been friends for so long; he assumed that was Over now that they’d fallen into bed. But here she was, curled agaisnt his side like a cat. Her arm draped across his chest and her head resting just over his heart. This was trouble. This wasn’t going to end well. She took a deep, satisfied breath in. 

“Why is this so easy?” He whispered into her hair.

“Because we know each other.” 

Not our heroine today. But her friend and lover. He’s uncertain about all of it and it will lead to some challenges. 

The popcorn is only today. Don’t forget your quarters.

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