“We will fuck exactly three times,” she said. “The first time, that’s for you. You’ll do what you need and take me until you’re good and done taking.” As she spoke she crossed over to where he sat, hiking her skirt up to straddle his lap.

“The second time will be for me. You will be begging me to let you go by the end. I’ll devour you. Slowly, like a delicacy.” She smiled the self-satisfied smile he’d come to associate with her wicked mood. She was on at the moment. She knew she had him exactly where she wanted him. He could feel the heat through the thin fabric of her panties. Her thighs pinned against his as her hands traveled up his chest, tangling around his neck. She brought her hands to his face, cradled it and pulled it inches from hers, their mouths almost touching but not quite.

“And the third time?” He asked, sorry as soon as he opened his mouth. She backed up off of him, leaving him aching where she’d been touching him moments before.

“The third time will be goodbye.” She sounded genuinely sad as she said it,but she was good at this game and he didn’t trust it.

He stood up and shoved her against the wall.

“Goodbye, huh? And what will that entail?” He crushed her mouth with his and felt her whole body sigh. She let her lips linger on his then pushed him away with enough force to send him reeling back into the chair. 

She smiled; the look of a predator. “There’s only one way to find out.”

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