I will never tell her she needs to change.  Or brush her hair to be pretty.  Or that people won’t like her if she looks, acts or dresses a certain way.  I will not do these things.  And if I do, in a moment of frustration, make her feel like she should be different or better or not her, I will apologize and I will make sure she knows that we are all amazing just as is.  She is amazing.  And everything she needs to be she will be, and not because of anything I say.  It will be because every day I challenge myself to do new things, bigger things, things that I want and need to feel like this life has been worth living.  That is what I can do for her.  Be awesome and let her know that however she decides she wants her life to turn out, she absolutely can have that and no one can tell her differently.  Not even me.

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