I’ve been sort of back and forth trying to decide what I want to do with this blog and the others I started several years ago.  I’ve archived all the other accounts associated with BWBW, and will be focusing solely on this blog until I decide what to do.  I will be continuing to write about life, derby, fiction (unedited shorts that I really just vomit up and don’t ever go back to) and I’ll start adding in some photography to the mix.  For now, my number one goal is to make a daily schedule and stick to, start changing up the theme and archives and just generally bring better content to what amounts to the public face of my writing.  I will be participating in NaNoWriMo again this year, and will have a slightly different format for that month, but beginning in January, I’ll have the content streamlined so that those of you who follow just for derby know when to check in for that.  Those that stick around for the fiction can count on a weekly, or biweekly if I’ve got the energy, update in those sections.

Anyway! Look for changes.  Give feedback if it sucks or if you love it or just in general.  I thought about scrapping this site and starting ALL THE WAY OVER, then decided against it; it is a testament to the past year or so as a lot of things have happened.  Sometimes things will be vague, I’m sorry for that but some of the recent events involve too many people for me to be brutally honest about dates, times, locations etc. Derby will probably take a more serious bent.  I really have some things I want to dig into.  Things that I see working, things I see sucking.  I want to dig into the meat of why derby works when it does and why it goes up in flames so often.  What breaks a league? What makes it? How do we save our officials?

I guess, that’s it! Just stick with me.  I’ll try to make the content interesting and I’ll try to be better about engaging.  The comments, I mean, don’t be a dick, right? K. See you tomorrow!

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