I didn’t do the best job chronicling my derby career. I would post highlights here and there but nothing significantly important or consistent. 

This year I am turning a page and beginning to officiate. It was not an easy decision to make. There were multiple factors and I think the choice was the right one. I don’t feel I’ve given up on derby. But some do. I don’t feel I’ve failed. Some see it that way. There’s no disgusting ulterior motive, some say there is.

Regardless. I didn’t get to ref much last year, although I would have done more. The team was still growing and needed every single skater on the track. It wasn’t my first choice, but i have always supported the league and the team and I do love my teammates.

I am reffing two games today. And I have kindly been given lodging in the home of two fabulous officials. It’s a different world and I am crawling around in it like a baby. There’s a lot of love and kindness being tossed my way. And I’ll take it. I don’t know how today will go. But it feels like the first in a new chapter of derby for me. I’ll keep Ya posted.

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