There’s a story brewing. Which means things might get lean for a bit. However, I feel you should know, the lovers in the cabin are doing quite well, despite their mutual Desire to remain undiscovered. It is making them both a bit tense, but she’s learning to trust him and he’s learning to trust her and they are having amazing sex so really all is well there.

Our heroine has finally left her lover. She’s tired of feeling like something he uses the same way a cat uses a mouse before finally leaving it, neck broken, to rot. She’s not alone though. She has a new toy if her own and she’s discovering what it’s like to be free and open and herself.

The door remains doorish. It opens and closes at will and sometimes someone walks through it and whispers ideas in my brain. Sometimes the ideas are a life that needs living and I do my best to help them live.

The cabin, the heroine, the door. Midnight and alls well.

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