There is a group of us that like to eat. It started as a noodle run, but it’s become sort of once to twice a month thing. Go into Santa Fe and nom all the noms. We try new places and get excited to hangout and usually do a bit of any other errands we need to do. It’s fun. It’s more female bonding than I like to admit I actually need. I look forward to it. 

Today we hit the El Salvadoran place again and i ordered waaaaayy too much food. I was starved. It was good. 

I headed for home and all was well. I stopped at a bookstore. And then it happened. Snow. Lots of it. Too much for me to drive in. So I got stranded in a casino and won some cash off the slots in the lobby. I ate a truffle. And in the end the snow let up enough to get home. 

Just a day. Nothing huge. But good god how I love my life on days like this. Seriously. I’m god-fucking-damn lucky to be me some days.


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