If you make your opponent cry midsentence.

Our poor heroine. She’s been in stasis for weeks. I’ve got a scene plotted out. There’s a church and she’s tending the small garden behind the rectory. She’s not religious, but she is an avid gardener. Our hero finds her there. He suspects she’s alone, and he has taken time to make sure they can steal a few words together. She finds herself wrapped in his arms as he strokes her hair.

“Why is this so easy,” she asks him.

He kisses her gently on the top is the head. 

“Because we know each other,” He replies.

It’s really the reason they work. They’ve known each other so long that it comes easily. They can never be together (no HEA for our little one). They’d murder each other within a week. But they can steal this time they have. And maybe I’ll change my mind and he won’t ride off into the midnight alone. Only time, and some serious effort with the pen on my part, will tell.

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