There is no finer gift in life than friends who challenge you to see the world in a differnt way. It’s rare. I’ve said it before; we tend to flock with those similar to us. This is much easier than trying to be a duck, with a love for pond scum and wet marshes, in a murder of crows who prefer high wires and nest robbing.

Life will cooperate if you want to surround yourself with birds of like feather. Unlike birds, however, we’ve been blessed with choice and free will. So I’ve chosen, more recently, to surround myself with new birds. And it’s been divine. I’m so consistently challenged that I can feel new brain cells firing and sometimes a shake (physically) because it’s so stimulating.

It’s Thursday. Thursday is not friday and therefore is not as bad. It is, however, another day of the lonely extrovert files. I’ve pushed and shoved and weaseled my way into multiple encounters this last few weeks trying to suck up all the socialization I can get. I finally told myself tonlay off. I’ll still plead for and prefer company over none, but I won’t (at least I’ll try not to) take it as a personal affront if I’m denied access to them. That’s wrong, and I know it. They deserve their time alone too. I can give them that much respect.


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