A secret will do one of two things to its keeper; it will either destroy them in the process of keeping it, or it will become something new; no longer a secret but a lie turned into a truth.

She knew that if she kept this secret, it would destroy her. So she did what any 13 year old girl would have done; she wove a web of lies so thick that she herself no longer knew where the lie and the secret ended and where the truth began. Her secret, and the woven fabric of her deceit would flow through the rivers of time and touch millions. She couldn’t know it. She was only a child. Frightened. Alone. In danger of losing everything, including her life. So she whispered the lie once. And then again. And again. And she whispered it so many times that it became a truth. And when she watched him dying, she wondered if the truth she created would be enough to save any of them.

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