Hate when I start a post early and by the time I get back to it I don’t feel the same so I scrap it.

I know this girl. Let’s call her Lillith. She’s stuck in this god-awful situation. She just wants to get away from the fuckers she’s with, but she keeps getting ropes into their  dust ups. And that ferret. There’s something about it. She can’t let it out of her sight. So that means the box maker can’t be out of her sight. She’s not sure how she feels about the rest. But she promised Alfred, so she’ll see that no harm comes to the Dog. And that means the damn paper pusher too. A fucking salon. She spent all morning in a fucking salon. But the bar was fun. Who’d have guessed that damn doofus would have pulled through and gotten them outta that one? She’d need to keep her eye on him; he wasn’t as dumb as he looked. Or maybe he was just so lucky he could get away with being exactly that dumb. Least she still had grape slushies to look forward too. And she’d lifted an info disk off one of the Teller boys at the bar. Who knows what she’d get off that. Maybe more about “Manhattan”. Oh well, circus time! This should be fun. What could go wrong?

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