Let us examine the door.

We know the basics. Handle or knob. Lock. Hinges. Maybe it has a window. Perhaps it has a small peephole of knocker.

The face of a door can have panels. And mullions. That little bit at the bottom that theoretically keeps the dirt and bugs out is called a sweep. The lock is filled with tumblers. The tumblers are not filled with bourbon. If the door is fancy and has several decorative windows, they each have a descriptive; transoms and sidelites. There’s a threshold and a casing and a sill and a jamb. Some have cornices. Entablatures. Entablatures. That’s a fun word. 

Losing someone is a lot like giving birth to a child. There are all these firsts. The first time you forget and think “I’ll call them”. The first holiday without them. The first time you do a thing they loved and they are gone. The first thunderstorm, snow, accomplishment, bad day, good day. All the things that are the first time you do those things without them. Today is another first. I’ll live. 

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