I’m an extrovert. A socially anxious, obsessive compulsive, slightly neurotic, extrovert. I know being introverted is all the rage these days. But I’m doomed to be, as usual, on the wrong side. I love people and can be around them all day if they’d let me. I’m aware that at least three-quarters of my friends are NOT extroverts and that my being is a near constant drain on their emotional resources. I do my best to not suck them dry. They tolerate my near constant need for people. I’m socially anxious, so sometimes I seem neurotic and bitchy around new people, but that usually goes away if I can find an ounce of commonality between us and then we can be fast friends. I’m loyal to a fault (seriously, I’ll tolerate a lot because I expect it of others) and sometimes I miss the most basic social cues (oh, it was time for me to leave hours ago, whoops). I’m occasionally too much for my partner. And he handles it like a champ. And calls me back home when the grocery store overwhelms me. I’m a believer in the power of a good beanie to protect you when life is too hard. I will drop everything and come to help you if you are in my circle of friends or family. I’m not always tactful, I sometimes ignore you if you intimidate me or I think you might be someone I want to befriend but I’m trying not to let my personality overwhelm you. I say “I love you” freely and recognize the different contexts of that phrase and I don’t like hugging but secretly enjoy getting hugged. Unless I don’t want to get hugged. Then you might get punched. My family comes before all else. Period. My friends come second only to my family. Strangers receive my kindness and smile freely Unless they interfere with the happiness of team one or two and I’ll probably end up one of those crazy cat ladies at some point. I don’t judge other people’s politics or lifestyles or hobbies or sexuality. I expect the same in return. I’m casually interested in a lot of things but only fanatical about a few. I don’t know why I’m writing this post. I do know I’m hungry. 


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