Please read this post to it’s conclusion because it started out kinda lame and then I got to the point.

It’s because it’s so late.  I wait until I’m dog tired (why do dogs get so tired anyway) and then I sit down to the computer and try to pound out my ideas from the day and my fingers are so tired they just sort of slur over the keyboard.  I didn’t even know fingers could slur, but they can.

I’m a lover of the coincidence.  This happened:  I signed up for a direct sales business.  I’m not going to go into what, that’s not for here.  Part of it is in home shows.  I’m nervous about my first show so my director invited me to shadow a show she was having tonight.  She had never met the host.  She gave me the address.  It sounded really familiar.  I called my director this afternoon to confirm the address was correct and we chatted a bit.  She brought up the fact that I would probably know a few of the women at the show since one of the gals was a woman I knew through another friend and the woman hosting the show worked with this woman I knew.  Interesting, I told my director. Well long story short, I showed up at the house and it was my sister-in-laws sister’s house.  She was hosting, my sister-in-law was coming, as well as several of their family members and the woman I knew from before.

It was totally random.  I got to see my nephew, who is two months old, and my brother-in-law, who showed up at the end of the party.  I’d been looking for a sign that I’d made the right decision and I’m taking this as a “yep”.  So that’s my random post for the night.  I’m determined to get a good night’s sleep tonight because tomorrow is punkin day at the school and I’m a volunteer.

Nothing profound about this post.  Well, I guess just this.

We are still “Crazy for Mazie” so please so my previous post about the fundraisers for this little girl and her family to help out there.  I hear a lot of politics lately, about who should be taking care of the sick and the poor and the out of work, etc.  Well I realized something with this situation my friends are in.  We would be helping them no matter what.  If they had insurance or a million dollars in the bank we would still be having bake sales and spaghetti feeds in Mazie’s honor.  Those of us who are doing these fundraisers and helping out aren’t doing it just because there is a financial need to be met, which, in this case, there is.  We are doing it because when something like this happens, you have to do something, and you just don’t know what else to do.  How else do you help parents who are going through this?  You can’t sympathize if you haven’t been there.  You can’t imagine what it would be like, you don’t even want to.  So you act.  You bake.  You make spaghetti.  You pray and thank God that your family is healthy and then feel guilty and then you bake some more.  In the end, when we look back, when Mazie is home with her family and raising a family of her own, no one will remember the numbers.  We won’t be quoting the financials at her high school graduation.  But all of us will remember that she brought us together and made us think about something higher than ourselves, greater than ourselves and when the time came for us to do something, we did.

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