Then Its time to do this! I discovered that writing daily isn’t that difficult, however, I don’t enjoy it as much as I thought when I’m not writing about the things that are on my mind to seriously write about. When I don’t block out the time to sit down and write so I can clearly form my thoughts and put together the posts I want to, I get frustrated and part of my frustration with these daily posts was the the inability to save a post half-finished and return to finish it the next day, or the next, and have something completed and that I could be proud of instead of pounded out and sloppy like these daily posts. I’m still looking forward to NaNoWriMo because I’m not pressuring myself for perfection in my writing. Fiction writing is about pounding it out nice and sloppy (insert dirty joke here) until you get it right (coincidentally, I misspelled that the first time around and had “until you get it write, Freudian? perhaps)

While I may not be posting daily on my blogs, I’ve proven that I’m not great at keeping that pace, I’ll get back to my routine of posting weekly to at least one of them. I have several backburner ideas and some recipes to share on my cooking blog and I’ll post some snippets of my NaNoWriMo work on my fiction blog. Look forward to more of my random wanderings here, and thanks for reading!

Good Night!

p.s. I’m sending my prayers out tonight to all my friends who have been touched by cancer recently, either personally or who have lost a family member. Tiphanie, I mourn the loss of your cousin with you. Tonie, bask in your family’s good news tonight as your mom takes one more step on the path to wellness. And sweet little Mazie, everyday you remind us that life is a precious miracle and a gift and that our children are never to be taken for granted for a moment. You have brought our community together in a way you won’t be able to understand for years to come, but I have faith in something great that you will be here in those coming years for us to tell you all that you have touched while you and your family have been going through your own private version of hell on earth. One day, when you are much older, I will hug you too tight, and you may wonder why, and I’ll share these feelings with you: You have given me the gift of being grateful that I know you and have had a chance to meet your sweet face and have taught me never, ever to take a moment with my Rom for granted. I’ll see you soon sweet Mazie!

One thought on “Winding Down to the Final Days

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