October 25th and as of now I have missed three of thirty one days of blogging. November and NaNoWriMo are looming and I’ve scrapped two of my two novel ideas and moved onto a third which has Moo in the title and that dismays me. I broke down and ate Taco Bell yesterday which seemed to me to be a certain dismal failure after a week of unprocessed followed by a week and a half of semi healthier than ever eating. I spent yesterday in jeans that cut off all circulation below my ribs. I miss roller derby. I miss roller skating, period. I need to make some money before Christmas or everyone will be getting popcorn balls and half knit nubbly scarves. I made vegan pumpkin pie. My grandma is in town.

I’m going to bed.

Oh, and in case you’ve ever wondered, Mayo+mashers+cabbage=yum. Night!

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