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A year ago my mom was still alive today. I was busy, planning for a trip. Getting ready to leave town for three days. She called and we talked about a visit to my grandmother I was going to make. I remember being really wrapped up in packing as she was trying to talk to […]

Watching derby. Writing about derby. Looking at my rather empty calendar.  I don’t have any games on the books (except a possible Labor Day hop to Flagstaff) and it’s sort of like I feel a bit lost.  There’s so much happening in the personal life right now that I could use the distraction of training, […]

I’ve been sort of back and forth trying to decide what I want to do with this blog and the others I started several years ago.  I’ve archived all the other accounts associated with BWBW, and will be focusing solely on this blog until I decide what to do.  I will be continuing to write […]

I have some thoughts on meal trains.  First, I think you should understand where I was last year, where I am this year and why, because of these two different places, I will never again turn down being on the giving or receiving end of an offered meal. Last year, after my Mom died, everyone […]

Life. We have no way to predict what it does or what it wants to do. Case in point: this week started with some major upheavals at home. All couples go through things, we aren’t any different. Then a routine annual led to an ultrasound led to bloodwork led to surgery. A man I have […]

This past ten days has been very difficult and I am right back where I was nearly a year ago.  I’ve made a solid mess of things in my desire to avoid my grief and repress my real feelings about life and pretending to be something I’m not has gotten me in the middle of […]