Less than stellar feeling. Picked up a nasty bug that’s got my chest in a vice.  

On the bright side, I did the thing again. Reffing is hard. Like never was skating this hard. First off, I’ve let my endurance slide. Don’t do that. You don’t get to sit on the bench every other jam as a ref. And some of those packs are fast. Nuff said. Also, my brain hurts. Which I love. The challenge of keeping track of ten people at any given time and trying to see what their arms legs heads bodies are doing? Whew. Much respect to those who’ve been doing this for a while. Your brains must be amazing places.

some unkind words were muttered at me. Which I think might be something I just get used to. People can be vicious. Oh well.

Things I need to work on: warming up and drinking water. As well as rereading all the sections on jammer lap points and box reentry. And keeping my arm up. It’s tough to go from skater (keep your arms in!) to ref (get those arms up!). Fun times. I’ll keep doing it and working hard to earn the trust thrown at me. I know I’ve had some people take me on nervously and I don’t wanna let anyone down. For now, have a cat.


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