More reffing happened. Still loving it. More than I thought. Some really tough decisions were made. I’ve given up coaching and any team opportunities this year. I have a priority. It’s officiating. Doing all the things doesn’t help me learn or grow. I can only be so neutral with one toe in the skater pool and one in the ref tub. So I pulled the bandaid off pretty quick and it’s been harder than I thought.

I think there may be people out there capable of doing both. I’ve found  I am not one of them. That’s okay. I really adore what im doing. So much so that I find myself looking forward to games more than I ever did as a skater. And traveling is interesting. Listening to a lot of audio books. Seeing some new places. Meeting people. It’s good.

I wish I could let people in a bit. And discuss why im doing it. But the words come out defensive and sad. So it’s easier to just fade into the background for now.

Anyway. It’s cold. Snowed. Im tired. But life is good.

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