Another quick fiction friday. Not happy with it, but I don’t edit my fiction here, so it is what it is.

They unloaded their gear while a gentle snow fell. She was thankful for the added layer she had thrown on before they’d left, and that they’d packed extra blankets too. They hadn’t really talked it out, but they’d both over prepared for the cold. And both grateful for it.

He started a fire in the fireplace and the warmth spread quickly in the small space. She sat cross legged on the stone floor rubbing her hands briskly to warm them. He was sitting in a chair slightly behind her, sipping from a flask, coat open and flushed from the effort of starting the fire. Neither of them talking. Unusual for them. Usually so easy between them, the words. Now silence fell heavily in the place of the casual banter and it was clear that what they weren’t talking about, what they hadn’t talked about was exactly what they both wanted; why they had taken the extra day ahead of their friends. It was suddenly very warm and she shed her coat and heavy boots.

When she stood up, he did too. And it only took moments to find her way into his arms. It was where she’d needed to be for months now and it felt so right. So comfortable and safe. Her fears subsided. They’d made the right choice to be here, now. She lifted her face to his and their lips finally met. Not perfect, no first kiss is. But full of promise. 

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