He came up behind her while she stood at the stove, slipped his arms around her waist. He’d touched her before; a hand on her back as she entered a room or helping her from the car. This was different. He was claiming the space between them. She turned to face him and his arms went tighter around her. An eternity passed in the time it took for his lips to cross the empty space and touch hers. That moment wasnt something for words. It went on and on, perpetually in her mind until the day she died. The undoing of her. He turned the burners off and pulled her through  the dining room into his office. She’d always loved the way it smelled of leather and whiskey but she had only been in here for work. He pulled her into a lingering kiss and his hands slid up under her shirt lifting it over her head. She shivered, not from the cold. Her knees were betraying her and she went willingly as he lowered her to the floor. She wanted to shed the rest of her clothes and his but he was being good. Going slow. He kissed her neck, her chest. Took a nipple slowly into his mouth. She arched her back and moaned and she felt his knee come to rest between her thighs. She pressed against him. Embarrassed by the heat she could feel radiating off her body. She reached for his belt but he pushed her hands away; pinned them over her head, firmly, gently. He covered her mouth with his again. His leg was firmly pressed against her and he began to rock against her. She couldn’t help but respond. The heat built until she was sure she would combust and she tried to wiggle away but he held her firmly in place. 

“I want you to come.” He whispered in her ear. She didn’t know if she had a choice.

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