I feel like that person in that song.  The one about the jet plane.  Only I’m the one that’s waiting back home and the jet plane was more of a Pt Cruiser.  Melodramatic? Maybe.  But this is day one of being apart from the one person I swore I’d never be apart from so I’m feeling a little wordy and melodramatic.  Otherwise, I’m in a great mood.  The Kidlet woke me up a bit later than usual so I got the extra 2 hours or so I needed and now we are up and showered and ready to face the day.  

The Farmer’s Market is our first dadless adventure.  After stocking up the pantry at Costco, I realized what I really want is fresh anythings.  I’m hoping there are some berries for the kidlet.  This afternoon we are headed out to make cheese and pizzas at my cousin’s house.  Hope both things turn out well.  At the least we can console ourselves while our hubbies are out of town.  

Maybe this will get me back into the writing habit, who knows, anything could happen!

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