Someone had mentioned at last month’s group meeting that we should start keeping some lists of all the places/brands/restaurants that offer gluten-free options.  Below I have shared several of my personal favorite blogs, stores I like and brands of GF items I find to be the best.  These are all my personal opinions and our eating may be very different from the next persons, but I hope you enjoy the list nonetheless!


Favorite Blogs:

Gluten Free Girl and The Chef great recipes and anecdotes on gluten-free living.  She is NW author with several cookbooks. Be sure to check out her “LINKS” which is a compiled list of nearly all the GF bloggers out there!  Very comprehensive!

The Gluten Free Goddess (Karina Allrich) Karina’s blog is beautiful to look at, has wonderful recipes (some vegan/vegetarian included).  

Celiac.Org  This is our go to resource for keeping abreast of current trends in Gluten Free foods and living.  


Our Favorite Restaurants:

Fat Olives

Nothing but Noodles (I guess the name has changed to Pacific Grill or something along that line.  If anyone knows please let me know!

Frost me Sweet (cupcakes, lunch and dinner, other pastries) Please note that when I have been in there, they only offer GF choices on Fridays, this may have changed

Tagaris Winery (Taverna).  We have had some excellent dishes prepared by the chef and there are several on staff with celiac or similar intolerances so it feels like they are always well-informed.  They offer gf breads (FRENCH MEADOW BAKERY) as a substitute for many of their flat breads during lunch and dinner.


Stores Which Stock GF items consistently

Yokes in Pasco and West Richland.  Not only do they have a tremendous selection of gf items, we have had several requests fulfilled by managers at both stores.

Highlands and Vista Health Foods.  Both have a good gf selection of items

Winco.  Gluten free items on shelf (Richland) are brightly labeled with a PINK tag that says “GLUTEN FREE”.  They also have several items in bulk (and after speaking with the manager at Richland, those items are not switched out with items containing gluten, rather they have dedicated bins)

Fred Meyer.  Has a limited supply of GF items in the Nature’s Corner

Asian Markets (various) A great source for rice, rice noodles, papers and often fresh veggies.  Rice noodles can be expensive but we have found that the ones in the Asian Markets are higher quality and often several dollars cheaper than those found in conventional markets

Greenies.  In addition to GF food items (often discounted or clearanced seasonally) they carry beauty items that are sustainably manufactured and GF


My FAVORITE gluten free items:  Udi’s breads (muffins, breads, buns, rolls and crusts) we have never had a bad Udi’s item in our house and the pizza crust is top notch.

Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust (scratch), Cornbread and Brownies

Gluten Free Pantry Brownies

Sunshine Burgers Veggie Burgers (Frozen) California or Barbecue Style

Betty Crocker GF baked goods (All of these items are up to par with gluten-y BC items, including white and chocolate cake, cookies and brownies)

San-J sauces and Gluten Free Tamari (soy sauce)

Thai Kitchen has a wide variety of ready to eat gluten free meals

Juanita’s Chips (NOT THE GREEN LABEL BAG!!!)

Glutino Bread Crumbs (corn)

Jovial Pastas (I have not seen these local, if anyone has please let me know)

Polenta and Quinoa (I like the ready made polenta in the tube, and I get my quinoa bulk at Winco, preferring the red to “white” quinoa.  Here is a great link on cooking quinoa as well


That’s just a few of our faves! I will add to it as I find/think of more places! Can’t wait to see everyone else’s lists 🙂



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