I have to give myself a little laugh-out-loud right about now.  Apparently I did publish that post last night and now I’m committed. Or maybe I should be committed… Either way.  I better get a cozier chair for posting to these blogs because I’m going to make my best effort to meet this goal of posting daily. Of course now that I’ve said that, I have an overwhelming case of the “I’ve got nothing to say”s.  Sheesh.  You would never guess that I get at a loss for words if you asked my family.  My husband’s looking at me right now wondering if I’m going to run off on another missive on homemade Mayo (more on that on my food blog later) or if he’s going to get to eat his waffles and bacon in peace.

The truth of the matter is that saying things out loud as my brain thinks them and having my fingers keep up with my brain as it thinks them and typing them out on a wordpad or two very different things.  My mouth is conditioned.  My fingers need some more training.  I guess that’s what October is for.

The other thing that’s held me back from writing over the years is whether I actually have any ideas good enough to weight down a novel.  This will be a perfect opportunity for me to quit making excuses and just let the ideas flow.  Whether they are good, bad, ugly, interesting or just plain “what the heck?” in the end, at least I’ll be writing.  Which, like I said last night, I’ve been told is the goal of most writers.  Apparently, that’s why my stories aren’t magically appearing in print.  The lack of writing.  Hmm, something to think about further, but the Hubs left the bacon unattended.  Bad move babe.  Bad move.

2 thoughts on “Well That’s Just Awesome

  1. taureanw says:

    If it makes you feel better some of my favorite novels did not have grand epic stories. They were simple stores with great characters and great interactions!

    Also good luck on posting every day, I couldn’t do it 🙂

    1. brandil79 says:

      Thanks! It’s been tough and this is only day four 😛 I’m going to keep on truckin’ though 🙂

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