Had a rough go of keeping a daily during this vacation/break.  But that’s okay.  We had a great New Year’s Eve.  There were good friends, some Vietnamese take out, a marathon run of some Pandemic (once with the BioTerror component, twice getting our butts handed to us by make believe disease and we had  fun time watching Criminal Minds.  Because why would Hotch not be a part of New Years?

I don’t know where we are going this year.  Good things will happen.  If we make them.  I’m determine to not let the guilt eat me alive.  And to not have sadness consume everything we do.  That I do.

There will be more fiction, more truth, more fiction with bits of truth muddled in.  There will be some stuff that is awful (written) some stuff that is wonderful (life) and a genuine attempt to make every day unique.

That’s it.  Happy New Year.  It’s been great so far.

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