Today has been an incredibly long day. I actually opened this post at 5:30 this am. I deleted that short ramble in favor of this. Our heroine has had a good day. Let’s see what she’s up to, shall we.

It wasn’t easy, being away from him. When they were together, in the same room, it was easy to remember why she was falling for him. He wasn’t demanding her attention or asking for more than she could give and it was refreshing. When they were apart, the doubt started to creep in. It was those days when he was working in another building or had to travel that she’d start to question the sanity of their relationship. If they got caught, they’d both lose their jobs. Worse, in his case, he’d lose much more. They could barely find time to sneak a touch or a kiss, let alone find time for anything else. She’d told him all the things she wanted to do, wanted to try. He’d surprised her with some of his more intimate requests. But with the exception of the day in his office, when they’d found the privacy to finally come together and fuck, they’d not been alone once since. And the paranoia was creeping in. She worried it had been a game for him. The steely, cold way he looked at her when they shared the conference table, the way he ignored her calls and her messages throughout the day. It was easy to believe that he was in love with his girlfriend, the way he touched her and held her close. It made her worry that it was just a joke to him, and she had given him everything. 

Then he’d find her in the parking garage after work. When everyone had left. He’d twine his fingers in hers and whisper that he missed her and it would all be okay. She knew it would be.

It had to be okay.

So our poor little heroine has realized that being the love interest is not always as easy or pleasant as it is cracked up to be. Don’t worry, she’ll find her spine soon enough. She just needs a bit more time.

As an aside, if you work retail this time of year, remember, you are a human, despite how customers treat you. Solidarity my working class brothers and sisters. 

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