i actually did write a daily yesterday. But it got eaten by the Internet elves.

Today I’m thinking about food. Let’s be honest, I’m always thinking about food. I’m one of those people who starts planning my next meal while I’m eating my current meal. I believe food nourishes not just body, but soul. That’s assuming the food is done right. Not fancy. Not pretentious. Not even nutritious. The intent has to be there. 

I’m not sure what that means exactly. But when you’re eating food made with intent, you feel it. It’s not just calories in. There’s an emotion behind it. My favorite meals all have stories; Where I got the recipe, Who taught me to make it and What I did to turn in it into my own beast. I love cooking. If you’re angry you should dice some shit. Seriously,byou get to use a knife to change something into something new; take a whole, basically destroy it, use the destroyed bits to build a new whole. Super cathartic. Cooking is like that from start to finish. It’s engineering and chemistry and art all mingled together into one. It can be peaceful or violent depending on the need. Good cooks know this and they never enter their kitchens without intent.

In the olden times, I’d have added a recipe here. But these are just bumbling am thoughts and I don’t really want to. What I do want is some breakfast. Something intentional. Something with bacon. Let’s be honest, it’s always something with bacon.

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