sometimes running late is a beautiful thing. You’re already behind so why rush? Should you hurry and break a mug? Or slow down, accept the tardy and steal a moment with your loves? I can promise you the latter won’t kill you.

I’ve become a vulnerable thing lately. It makes me angry sometimes, but a good friend pointed out that I need to give myself some time. I’ve had a lot of core values shaken and stirred lately. I’m not vulnerable because I’m weak or broken. I’m just growing. And that makes us feel naked sometimes. 

Another friendship has bloomed. One of the ones I broke during the year (and a half) of hell. It’s incredibly difficult to admit that I really fucked up during that time. Friends that would have happily been there for me and contributed to the overall awesomeness of my life were cut off and out for stupid, petty, not really my own reasons. Apologizing is the hardest thing I’ve learned to do lately. I’m getting a shit ton (metric shit ton if you’d like) of practice.  I highly recommend apologizing to someone today. It will change you. Nothing is more humbling than admitting you were wrong and that you hurt someone. 

Life is short. Even if you outlive the average and see triple digits, people are going to be lost along the way. You think you have time to tell them things. You don’t. Get your shit together. Right some wrongs. Ditch that chip and get over yourself. Eliminate anyone who doesn’t actively contribute to your happiness. (Please don’t literally eliminate them, it’s still frowned on in most jurisdictions). Find people who will respectfully challenge your worldviews. Eat food. Drink whisky. Skate, run, bike, hike, shoot things, read things, sing and dance like a room full of drunk strangers is watching. Find your zen. 

Good Morning. It’s a new day. Grab it by the balls and make it a good one.

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