I am reminded every day how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. I love them more than anything and watching my friends go through some really awful things just makes me appreciate what I have and realize how great a team we really are.  I’m not gloating, I’m just appreciative.


On another personal note:  I have some friends with a very sick little girl.  Those of us that know this family are doing everything we can to help them by raising funds to help cover the costs of her ongoing medical treatment.  She is looking at a long road ahead and like many Americans, her family has found themselves without adequate health coverage in this crisis.  Please, if you read this blog, or visit this blog, stop by the Crazy for Mazie fundraiser page on Facebook and donate whatever you can whether it be dollars or prayers or words of support.  Thanks from me and my family as we try to help our friends the only way we can!

Wee Mazie

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