I know I said fall was almost here, but I’m blown away by the sharp turn over the stores have done from summer stock to school supplies. The Bit and I were invited for a dip in the pool at a friend’s house today and I just wanted to grab her some goggles on the way there. I figured the Walgreen’s would have some. Not a scrap of summer is left clinging to their notebook paper and eraser laden aisles. No big deal, Walmart is close by. Not my favorite place in the world, but certainly they’ll have goggles. After searching high and low we finally located an employee. Nope. No more goggles. Do people not swim after school starts? Is the demand for swimming supplies so specific to June, July and August that stores must rush to get them out before the consumers riot at the mere sight of a pool noodle or water wings on display?

Needless to say, we went swimming goggle-less and it was still fun. The weather was warm, almost hot even. The company was great and it was a great way to start our last week before preschool starts (insert sniffle and tear here). And I’ve learned my lesson. Next year, we will be grabbing those goggles and stuffing them in the Easter Basket. I won’t be caught with my bottoms down again.

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