I read an article today about the ten worst ideas for blogs.  One of them was the random journal or something along that line, basically the person who starts a blog, writes a bit about themselves and then NEVER WRITES ANYTHING ELSE.  Haha! I started a blog! Well, actually I have a couple of other blogs.  But too many people I know started reading them and commenting on them to me in weird situations, like, dinner time.  So I needed a blog that was not linked to any of the people in my “real” life (what does that mean? “real”) so I could free myself up to write again like I did in the early stages of my earlier blogs.  I’m sure that sooner or later I’ll get lurked out over here too (I’m to vain to keep my stuff private) and my thoughts will once again be cooped up and I’ll once again have to fish for a new venue for my blogging.  Until then, Haha! I started a blog 😉

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